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Welcome to Big Bumble Bees!

Big Bumble Bees (BBB) is a free informational resource about bumble bees.  BBB's purpose is to expand individuals' knowledge about bumble bees and eliminate common misconceptions about bees.  For instance, many people believe bees are dangerous and seek to "sting."  Most species of bees, but especially bumble bees, are not aggressive towards humans.  Bees usually will not seek to sting unless they feel threatened or their hive is threatened. To learn more about bumble bees, click on the "About Bumble Bees" link on the lefthand navigation bar.

Due to people's misconceptions about bees, some people try to kill bees.  This causes a bee shortage and could impact our eco-system. Bees are an integral part of our lives.  Namely, bees pollinate millions of plants every year.  This allows us to enjoy clean air, fresh fruit and beautiful flowers. To learn about the threat to bees, visit the "Helpful Links, News and Information" link. Learn about ways you can support the survival of bumble bees by visiting the "Bee Farms" and "Gardening for Bees" links.

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